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Sea To Sea Homes delivers Luxury Custom Built RV Travel Trailers certified by the RVIA. Also known as Tiny Homes the homes are assembled with experienced carpenters and licensed contractors.  The staff comes from the home remodeling industry developing and renovating High End Luxury Homes and Condominiums and has a track record of delivering on time with excited buyers.

You may ask why think about luxury Tiny Home when the space is small and many people are looking to get off the grid and go to a simpler way of living. The answer is that its about comfort and whether you lease now or own your tiny home why not have most of the creature comforts that you either have in an existing property or if you dream of having a luxury home why not consider the possibility of having it for a fraction of the cost, this way you can take your savings  and focus on you personal lifestyle whether its travel or hobbies and get the rest or break from work, and put the responsibility of Sea To Sea Homes to work to deliver your dream Tiny Home to you.

What separates the Tiny Homes from the RV’s is the construction from residential code construction, to larger and better rated windows, roofs, wall, sound dampening to much higher levels of efficiency in insulation approaching R12-17 value.  So when you walk into one its like a home much more solid hence the term Tiny Home and when take delivery of these it is your personal home that feels cozy, safe and exciting to spend time in and its high end.

NOTE: These are classified as “Travel Trailers”. Please be aware of rules, laws, and codes relevant to the jurisdiction you plan to utilize an RV in.


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The Sea To Sea Homes Custom RV Travel Trailer are a wonderful investment. The Harvest model was designed for people who desire the comforts of being at home, or are self-employed and on the go. For those who desire both a living area to work during the day as well as relaxing sleeping and seating areas, this is it. Our units come standard with back, grey, and fresh water tanks. If you are on the move, you can use the bathroom without having to be ‘tied to the grid’, as we call it. This offers more versatility.

The Harvest Model offers a Single Story Residential floor plan with an interior height of 9 feet there is a lot of room you don’t normally find in home. The kitchen has extra cabinets and the bathroom has a vanity, 36″ shower and LG Ventless Washer and Dryer. Also built with future in mind the home has been designed with electrical conduit for adding solar cells on the roof with a receptacle inside the unit. Read more about the Harvest on the model page.

The Landmark is the 28 foot newest model offering two lofts, increased square footage, a rustic but modern exterior almost 13’6 in height with increased space for more kitchen cabinets and a bathtub or large shower base.  If your looking for more room with options for larger appliances like a French door refrigerator the The Landmark can deliver that. Read more about the Landmark on the models page.


Loft Model

Loft Models

Where to Go

So what are the different ways you can use or park a Tiny Home/RV, there are a few and I’d like to discuss some of these. Most people are either finding RV parks and campgrounds or making arrangements with landowners to lease space in return for work or a monthly fee for use of water and electric.  There are also a more Tiny Home communities coming in Rockledge, FL, Salida, CO, Habitat in Escondido, CA.

For those who don’t want a $250,000 mortgage and the debt that comes with it people looking to find affordable housing or looking to downsize save on expenses that a Tiny Home an offer which is all the conveniences of a high-end luxury home, from residential kitchen cabinets, to fancy chimney exhaust hoods, to adding a combination washer and dryer which many RV’s don’t offer. Then adding outside decking, a jacuzzi and landscaping you can really make this a dream place called home. The challenge is parking, but with most people if they have a passion about something they will innovate and find a way without having to break local municipal codes. So, whether leasing property on someone or a relative’s land, to buying a 1/2 acre of land, yes sometimes involving clearing these are options that still can leave you feeling frustrated  but with perseverance and better thinking the personal reward with getting you the perfect location where you can have your independence and live for a lower cost of living is a great feeling.

The good news about Tiny Home parking is that we have now had major cities and states passing accessory affordable dwelling units (ADU’s) laws, both the state of California and the district of Columbia in Washington DC both passed law in September 2016.  We also have 50,000-60,000 people showing up at Tiny Home events, so the demand is not getting smaller and it all centers on affordable housing, so keep checking back as we are now seeing weekly new developments and with organizations like National Organization of Alternative Housing (NOAH) and the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) there are really good groups that are providing communities with necessary information to show that many Tiny Homes that are built with certified already meeting a lot of residential codes that are out there.  There are going to be speed bumps along the way, but if we locks arms in an intelligent manner I believe we can get more communities like Rockledge, FL Salida, CO, Escondido, CA on board.

Airbnb, there are opportunities for doing this and making cash flow from it you just need to check with your local municipality or county on what the laws are. Just doing a Home Away or Airbnb search will show if people are doing it in the area and then just Google municipal laws Tiny Homes vacation rentals in your town or city will yield many of the answers you’re looking for.

2nd Home/Retirement, with the cost of renting vacation rentals at cost of $1500-$4500 a week in both mountain and seaside locations, Tiny RV’s become a novel way of cutting some of the expenses.  In lot of mountain areas like the Carolinas, California, Oregon there is much more land with desirable high elevations where both the outdoor lifestyles and more land and RV campgrounds are available or land to be leased.  Instead of purchasing a $250,000-$400,000 get away home what if you spent $50,000 on a Tiny Home where you can move this and also have it stored during winter months. One aspect of this is that you can fly in or drive to your 2nd home for a fraction of what it costs you to maintain a 2nd residential home which is what most 2nd home people do.

Airbnb, there are opportunities for doing this and making cash flow from it you just need to check with your local municipality or county on what the laws are. Just doing a Home Away or Airbnb search will show if people are doing it in the area and then just Google municipal laws Tiny Homes vacation rentals in your town or city will yield many of the answers you’re looking for.

The Islands of the Caribbean or Hawaii.  There are already people who are ordering Tiny Homes to Island locations because it is cheaper to just ship them to an Island have the electrical and plumbing hookups you need, so think outside of the box if your either an investor or someone who likes to move around, what about a year in Hawaii and another year Maine, Tiny Homes are built on trailers to move, so you can take your investment and knowing that you don’t always have to be tied to plumbing as our homes have black and gray water tanks, you can work and still enjoy a traveling lifestyle that many people just dream about, these may take 1-2 years to save and plan as professional moving may be involved but you can start making those plans now.

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