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Preparation for Moving Your Tiny Home (Bonus: Free Moving Checklist?)

Getting ready to move your tiny home?  Let’s go over some of the basics to protect your investment in transit.  Your water tanks should be drained to a minimum (unless you’re towing it yourself and plan on using it en route) to take off excess weight every gallon weighs 8.6 lbs.’ so if your trying to move with 40 gallons full that’s an additional 344 lbs.  This all goes against what your towing Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is.


Air pressure in trailer tires should be checked.  Putting pots, pans, utensils in a box or small storage container helps consolidate items and putting small bungee cords wrapped around cabinet pulls will prevent them from opening while in transit.  If not empty or you don’t have safety latches to prevent them from opening, (see images) then empty drawers and put those items in a labeled storage container and then consider using 2” blue painters tape to secures drawers it won’t strip wood or veneer off when you’re done. For refrigerator doors try marine grade rope to prevent door from opening secured by screw in eye bolts (see image). Any pictures you have on walls in frames with glass you probably want to do the same.


Although it may be enticing to think about putting more stuff in the trailer as a storage container when moving it, I would advocate against it, as unless its comforters or pillows as it will just add more weight, think about putting that in your car or truck to offset weight distribution. Know what your maximum trailer GVWR is, so if you do decide to put extra pieces of furniture in that it does not exceed this weight…I think a lot of people might want a 2000lb cushion between actual weight and the max GVWR, after all it’s your investment, why take the risk by putting too much weight in the trailer.


If using a professional moving company, ask for a copy of their insurance declarations page to look at their coverages which should cover the cost of what you paid or value is of the trailer.  If moving to a location you might not be there to receive it think about sending a set of keys to the destination or giving the driver a set and asking them to do a courtesy set-up leveling with your jacks or self-leveling jacks, you likely need to provide them with wood plates or blocks for jacks to rest on and a chock-wheel lock to secure the trailer and possible tongue lock for anti-theft purposes. Lastly disconnect the propane line or at least turn shutoff valve off.



Ok go have some fun, summer is a great time to explore the outdoors! If you want a free Tiny Home moving checklist, LIKE us on Facebook and send me a pm message with your email I’ll get it right out to you!


Small bungee cords wrapped around pulls


Child safety locks also secure draws


Nylon rope securing refrigerator door


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