Getting ready to have the Harvest Tiny home moved from Florida to Boone, NC, one of the challenges of building a tiny with cedar for the exterior wood is that they say the moisture level Florida and sun can fade staining products faster and although I stained the exterior in January, I will repeat the process next week prior to move and check any cedar siding that needs to be re-nailed or caulked.  Its a little anxiety raising knowing the sun can really damage wood unless treated correctly, because we haven’t had a lot of moisture this winter and its been a milder winter season…….yet the UV rays of the sun seem to be the factor right now.  Although I write this I wouldn’t trade anything for the golden wheat color of the exterior siding because its gorgeous and looks so natural, I hear in place like Colorado that they have to stain all cedar shacks etc, twice a year at higher elevations.  I’ll know more once I get to 3500 feet how the stains hold up to dryer air and sun of the Blue Ridge Mountains.